Hello, my name is Van Moore and I would like to provide you with some useful information about my company, Advanced Property Management. Please call my office for more information on how we can assist you as a Builder or Developer.

How is Advanced Property Management Beneficial to Developers?
We help Developers like you everyday with daily issues arising from homeowner concerns, ARC applications, monitoring subcontractors and we also ensure state requirements are completed on time such as the (UBR) Uniform Business Report.

By getting us involved right away we can assist your staff with the beginning budget, welcome packages for buyers, board meetings and financials. We do not sign checks or have access to bank accounts; control of the money always stays with the board.

We are available to work with your attorney to clarify the Association documents so there is no ambiguous content in the use restrictions.  We can assist you with the initial set up of contractors such as lawn service, water management and pool service if applicable. We have years of experience to assist the developer with a smooth transition to membership control.

We will set up and ensure your Annual Meeting occurs as specified, according to Florida Statutes and the Community Bylaws. We have found that when the community is set up properly from the start the turnover process is easier. We act as the liaison between the homeowners and the Developer.

(321) 636-4889

How Much Does This Cost?
By removing the day to day burden you can focus on the important things like “building homes”.

Our pricing is structured to be affordable by anyone’s budget. It is structured on a” block of time” and will adjust quarterly as the development progresses. 

We help well known Developers such as Mercedes, Rahal, Benko and East Coast Properties with the services mentioned above. We would like to provide you with the same professional service. 

Allow us to show you how we can make your job and your development go a lot smoother. 

For contact names for any of the above developers please call my office at the number listed on main page.

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