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What makes us the best compared to our competitors?

We are constantly learning and making changes to improve our service to our clients. One of the most important issues for every community is the ability to provide accurate financial reports. There are two very important factors that play a role in accomplishing this: The software you use is actually accounting software and the individual entering the information is doing it properly. 

Over the years I have learned from my experiences. We still have a CPA on retainer when ever needed, however we employee degreed accountants. This provides better quality of financial presentation for the board and Association members. 

QuickBooks is widely used by many companies including management companies. There is no doubt the software is user friendly but it is not structured for the needs of Condos and HOA’s. 

New Software: I have recently purchased new software to operate the day to day business for our clients. Village Management Systems (VMS) is designed specifically for Condominium and Homeowner Associations. It was created in Las Vegas and is widely used in Las Vegas and California. There are two other management companies in South Florida who currently use the system and it has proven to be a real asset. This software will work fine with your current banking system even if you have the coupon system thru Colonial Bank.

The software has more features for financial reports to provide better informative reports as “real” financial software would. The best features about this software is that everything is kept under one program from financial info to covenant enforcement, ARC information, owner correspondence and pictures can be attached to the owner account.

Board members will have access to the system with a user name and password to view information whenever they want. Committee members can also have limited access to the system for their viewing needs. Anything on the system can still be emailed to the board, committee members or owners for any issue by simply exporting the information to a PDF format. 

New Technology to be used to cut down on paper goods is a commercial scanner. We upgraded our copier to include a commercial scanner and color copy capability of all received paper correspondence and documents for all clients on the computer. This information is backed up every evening by an outside service provided for thru Intuit Services. Any copies of records and yearly back up information will be saved to a CD ROM. 

NOTE: this is for our record keeping during our tenor all paper copies will be kept in storage.

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